Facts About UWGP

  • UWGP began production May 1, 2005.
  • The UWGP ethanol plant purchases and processes 20 million bushels of corn from the local region by truck annually.
  • Produce and ship 58 million gallons of ethanol annually to blending terminals by truck.
  • Produce and ship 1.7 million gallons of crude corn annually.
  • Produce and ship 200,000 tons of distillers grain each year, mostly to local dairy and cattle operators but also to other states as far away as Korea and Japan.
  • UWGP employs 39 full-time staff in the various areas of the business.  We have a team oriented workplace, excellent benefits and a highly dedicated workforce.
  • UWGP has among the best ethanol per bushel yield rates in the industry - 2.86.
  • UWGP has had exceptional earnings history.  Since the beginning of operations in April 2005, UWGP has recorded $108 million in earnings.  Seventy-four percent of these earnings were distributed to its members.