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We were welcomed here and we have been guided by a desire to prove  that the trust we were extended was well placed.  Our business has made a  determined effort to be a good neighbor and a good member of our local  community.  We participate in a wide variety of community events such as  hosting Columbia County Ag Days and contribute to several charitable  causes such as local schools, local fire departments and the local area  EMS team.  UWGP has also founded a scholarship program for high  achieving student.

UWGP is responsible for helping to lower the taxes of the local property owners, increasing the value of corn in our county and increasing land values. 




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In harmony with our continuing objective to contribute to our local  community, we are excited to announce the Board has approved the  issuance of 10 scholarships of $1,000 each (min. of two for trade  education), available to 1) members of UWGP 2) **customers/producers of UWGP 3) students (son or daughter) of members and **customers/producers of UWGP and 4) graduating seniors/alumni of area* high schools who are furthering their education at  any college or trade institution whether as a full or part-time  student. 

*high school in one of the following communities:  Randolph, Cambria-Friesland, Fall River, Columbus, Poynette,  Pardeeville, Portage, Beaver Dam, Waupun, Horicon, Juneau/Dodgeland,  Montello, Green Lake, Princeton, Rio or Markesan
**Approved 09/2013 for the 2014 year.

Letter Sent to Local Schools

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application - Fillable



2016 Scholarship Recipients

  • Ashley M. Bird - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • MacKenzie Challoner - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Brittany Cupery - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Adrian Johnson - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Brian Jones - Green Lake, Wiconsin
  • Zackary A. Propst - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Joshua Stibb - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Jennifer Swan - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Garret Wegner - Lodi, Wisconsin
  • Emily J. Wolf - Allenton, Wisconsin


2015 Scholarship Recipients

  • Bryce Anderson - Markesan, Wisconsin
  • Kayla Bonack - Waupun, Wisconsin
  • Lindsey Coddington - Montello, Wisconsin
  • Hope Cupery - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Emma Kuntz - Beaver Dam, Wiconsin
  • Scott Lenius - Poynette, Wisconsin
  • Hannah Taylor - Arlington, Wisconsin
  • Danielle Warmka - Fox Lake, Wisconsin
  • Megan Waterworth - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Ethan Westra - Cambria, Wisconsin


2014 Scholarship Recipients

  • Kyle Becker - Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • Jason Braunschweig - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • William H. Bull V - Columbus, Wisconsin
  • Jessica Corning - Rio, Wisconsin
  • Kyle Jahnke - Markesan, Wisconsin
  • John Link - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Ali McNamara Oetzman - Montello, Wisconsin
  • Kaytlynn Riel - Waupun, Wisconsin
  • Radley J. Ripp - Lodi, Wisconsin
  • Jessie Thompson - Rio, Wisconsin


2013 Scholarship Recipients

  • Roger Becker - Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • Tyler Brozek - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Marianna Esveld - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Emily Groh - Columbus, Wisconsin
  • Mitchell Hanson - Montello, Wisconsin
  • Tylor Katze - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Nathan Leystra - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Rachel Perry - Waupun, Wisconsin
  • Janelle Remington - Juneau, Wisconsin
  • Sarah E. Rowe - Columbus, Wisconsin


2012 Scholarship Recipients

  • David Breunig - Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
  • Alexus Butler - Watertown, Wisconsin
  • Susan Cartwright - Neshkoro, Wisconsin
  • Jessica DeYoung - Waupun, Wisconsin
  • Alexis Doggett - Montello, Wisconsin
  • Danielle Doherty - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Rosemary Herschleb - DeForest, Wisconsin
  • Derek Johnsrud - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Stephanie Lehman - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Dominic Leising - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin


2011 Scholarship Recipients

  • Charelle Becker - Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • Anthony Bird - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Kaitlin Loberg - Oxford, Wisconsin
  • Emily Patek - Sussex, Wisconsin
  • David Smits - Markesan, Wisconsin
  • Sarah Sufferling - New Berlin, Wisconsin
  • Osha Waterdu - Fall River, Wisconsin


2010 Scholarship Recipients

  • Eric Breunig - Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
  • Derek Gensch - Reeseville, Wisconsin
  • Kendra Glander - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Rebecca Koopmans - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Kristyn Sommers - Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • Alyssa Wetzel - Montello, Wisconsin
  • Brooke Wilterdink - Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin


2009 Scholarship Recipients

  • Natalia Chapman - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • John Gutzman - Rio, Wisconsin
  • Margot Groh - Columbus, Wisconsin
  • Sidney Quade - Cambria, Wisconsin
  • Taylor Graff - Rio, Wisconsin
  • James Housner - Pardeeville, Wisconsin
  • Zachery Miller - Ixonia, Wisconsin


2008 Scholarship Recipients

  • Molly Vossekuil - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Rochelle Ripp - Lodi, Wisconsin
  • Samuel Redeker - Randolph, Wisconsin
  • Brad Krueger - Markesan, Wisconsin
  • Jason Esveld - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Josh Corlett - Fall River, Wisconsin
  • Kayla Becker - Pardeeville, Wisconsin


2007 Scholarship Recipients

  • Joshua Rechek - Fox Lake, Wisconsin
  • Andy Otto - Princeton, Wisconsin
  • Rachael Herschleb - DeForest, Wisconsin
  • Heather Borde - Rio, Wisconsin
  • Steven Biel - Randolph, Wisconsin





 UW Formula SAE Race Team  


 UWGP sponsored 2012 SAE Race Team Car

 UWGP sponsored 2012 SAE Race Team Snowmobile

UWGP is very pleased and proud of the accomplishments of the UW team and happy to have been a part of their success.  UWGP is pleased to be involved with the study and the learning that these young engineers are getting with our Wisconsin made fuel and the experience that they will take with them into their pofessional lives after graduation.

To visit the UW Formula SAE Race Team...go to



 Michael Raskovic Racing/American Ethanol Racing


For all the up-to-date information on Michael Raskovic Racing/American Ethanol Racing, click here.

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 Live Stock Purchases  

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC (UWGP) has a tradition and a desire to support our youth at the county fairs. This year we attended the livestock auction at Lodi, Columbia County, Green Lake County, and for the first time ever we participated in the Dairy Youth Recognition Auction at Dodge County. We enjoy the time we spent at the auctions and appreciate the thanks we receive by participating. We are committed to supporting our youth in their achievements.