Who We Are

UWGP Highlights:

  • Produces and ships 65 million gallons of ethanol annually to blending terminals.
  • Produces and ships 2.5 million gallons of crude corn oil annually.
  • Produces and ships 115,000 tons of distillers grain annually, mostly to local dairy and cattle operators but also to export destinations.
  • Produces and ships 33,000 tons of A+ProYeast (a 48% protein yeast ingredient) annually to dairy, swine, poultry, pet and aqua-culture markets domestically and for export.
  • At 3.0 gallons/bushel, we have among the best ethanol per bushel yield rates in the industry.

Our Mission

To add value to locally grown grains, provide members with a good return on investment, and be good stewards to our employees and community.

Our Vision

Together as stakeholders, we employ continuous process improvement, and the latest available technology to process grain into high quality biofuels and resultant feed products, while progressively maximizing energy value, minimizing overall impact on our environment, and maintaining safety as a priority.



Made In America

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