We are seeking exceptional team members who are motivated to succeed. We’ll play an active role in your success, providing training, support and a work environment that encourages both teamwork and individual advancement.

We’re as committed to our employees as we are to our customers. When the recession hit in 2008, we pulled our corn bids and slowed the plant down, but there were no layoffs and no lost hours. We seek employee input and act on employee recommendations.

Of course, we offer a highly competitive pay and benefits package, which includes:

UWGP has a “safety first” culture, and the fact that we have recorded more than 10 years without a lost time accident proves we’re serious about safety.

From high-tech production management to process supervision and plant maintenance, we have a place for a wide range of educational backgrounds and skillsets.

Employment Application

Internship Program

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC (UWGP) is committed to helping our future generation grow and learn.  We have and continue to offer internship positions.  Internships at UUWGP are beneficial for both the student and UWGP employees.

Why UWGP provides internship opportunities?

Internships allow students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting while still in school.  Internships offer carefully planned and monitored work experience with the goal being to gain additional knowledge from on the job exposure.

Interning in a field of choice will stand out on a student’s resume and help them with their job search after graduation.  Participating interns gain on-the-job training that integrates education and career development.  UWGP benefits from the contributions of creative and innovative students.

Benefits to Students:

  • Career related experience
  • Gain practical knowledge
  • Opportunity to explore career avenues
  • Valuable work experience for your resume
  • Potential to earn academic credit
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhance conventional classroom learning methods
  • Letter of recommendation from department supervisor
  • Obtain references from co-workers

Students can earn work and life experiences by participating in an internship program with UWGP.

If you are interested in an internship position and/or have suggestions on an internship position with UWGP, please contact the Human Resources Department.  We are open to hearing from you on hosting an internship position for you.

Contact Information:

Suzanne Wendt – HR Department
920-348-5016, ext. 206

Fill out the UWGP Application form if you are interested in an internship position.

Current Job Listing(s):

  • Chemical Engineer (1) – Full-time Position
    Seeking a Chemical Engineer to assist our already successful, community based, agricultural company reach new heights by identifying new products and lead our diversification efforts.  Primary focus will be on research and development but this individual will also be an instrumental member of the process operations team – weighing in on process optimization/efficiency and debottlenecking discussions and efforts.  A person who is self-motivated, self-directed, and able to prioritize efforts based on the “bigger picture” will thrive in this role.  The ability to communicate clearly coupled with a team mentality will allow this individual to make it happen.  This person will report to the General Manager and work closely with the production manager, lab manager, plant engineer as well as the safety manager, commodities manager, and maintenance manager.  We are seeking an individual with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and prior experience in manufacturing, preferably in bio-refining and/or food processing.

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