Membership Unit Transactions
Unit Bulletin Board

Part I – Steps

Here are the steps required for interested parties to sell or buy units:

  • The buyers and seller agree on the terms of the transaction – the number of units and the price.
  • The buyer and seller complete a “Unit Transfer Application”. CLICK HERE to obtain a copy.
  • The seller completes the “Assignment” section on the back of the unit certificate(s).
  • The seller send the completed certificate(s) and the Unit Transfer Application to the Company.
  • Authorized members of the Company’s board of directors approve the transfer if required.
  • The Company issues a new certificate (more than one, if the buyer is retaining some of the units represented by the old certificate). New certificates are mailed to the appropriate parties.

The Company is acting as transfer agent and can be contacted at:

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC
W1231 Tessmann Drive
Post Ofice Box 247
Friesland, WI 53935-0247
(920) 348-5016

Thank you for interest in United Wisconsin Grain Producers, LLC

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This Bulletin Board allows you to post your interest in buying or selling the units of United Wisconsin Grain Producers, LLC (the “Company”)


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