A+ Pro Yeast

One of only three ethanol plants in the world currently producing this product, UWGP is proud to offer A+ Pro Yeast. This premium feed ingredient makes an ideal protein source for animal feed, thanks to its nutrient-dense combination of spent yeast and grain-derived gluten proteins. Because it is gently dried at low temperatures, it provides a highly digestible amino acid profile and retains its light golden color. The spent yeast component also makes this a highly palatable product, well suited for use in any livestock feed or pet food.

A+ Pro Yeast benefits include:

  • Improved rate of gain
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Improved milk production
  • Enhanced rumen metabolism
  • Enhanced intestinal health
  • Effective toxin binder

This versatile livestock feed additive has many uses, including:

  • High-protein cattle feed
  • High-protein chicken feed for both meat and egg production
  • High-protein pig feed
  • Renewable fish meal replacement for aquaculture

To make A+ Pro Yeast a key part of your animal nutrition program, contact Dan Wegner, Commodity Manager, at (920) 348-5016, ext. 202 or

A+ Pro Yeast Product Data Sheet


Made In America

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