Distillers Grains

At UWGP, we don’t view ourselves as an ethanol plant that produces other products as a consequence. We treat all of our products as equally important—and that certainly includes our distillers grains. Because we pay careful attention to our DDG production process, we produce an incredibly consistent product. We frequently receive comments on the rich color and consistent quality of our distillers grains.

A principal co-product of the ethanol production process, distillers grains is a high protein, high-energy animal feed supplement primarily marketed to the dairy, poultry and beef industries. When used in ruminant diets, distillers grains contains by-pass protein that is superior to other protein supplements, such as cottonseed meal and soybean meal. By-pass proteins are more easily digested, thus generating greater lactation in milk cows and greater weight gain in beef cattle.

The dry mill ethanol processing used by UWGP:

Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS)

DDGS is pressed corn mash that has been dried to 10% to 12% moisture. DDGS has an almost indefinite shelf life, and may be sold and shipped to any market regardless of its proximity to an ethanol plant.

Contact Dan Wegner, Commodity Manager, at (920) 348-5016, ext. 202 or, to find out more about UWGP and DDGS.


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