Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) is a renewable, biodegradable, high-octane motor fuel derived from the sugars, starches and cellulosic matter found in corn. It has been used as a fuel or additive since the days of Henry Ford’s Model T. Virtually every gallon of gasoline consumed in the United States today contains fuel ethanol. Today’s flex fuel vehicles can efficiently use fuels composed of as much as 85% ethanol, commonly labeled E85.

Ethanol is part of our nation’s solution to reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, lowering fuel prices, creating domestic jobs, boosting the farm economy, and cleaning our environment.

Contact Dan Wegner, Commodity Manager, at (920) 348-5016, ext. 202 or, to find out more about UWGP MWDG and DDGS.

In a typical year, ethanol production at UWGP reaches 60 million gallons.

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